Wearable Tech

My Role: Concept | Programming (Arduino) | Design

Fashion is culture - it has long represented status, social circles, occupation, and important life events.  The biggest cultural shift in the last couple decades has been the rise of readily accessible technology. Technology is no longer just work, but a fundamental human expression.

On this project, I reinterpreted a fashion classic through the lens of computational software. By getting the data from physical tracking devices such as FitBit, Nike Fuel and Jawbone UP, the LED skirt lights up depending on your daily activity.

Wear and tear builds from individual habits and patterns. Explore this theme of Daily Use through materials and code.




This is my first experiment connection between wearable and mobile interface. This fingernail device will extract GPS data out of our phones to make a navigational device on fingernails.  

Questions I want to answer are what are the moments when wearable is better than smartphones and what kind of minuscule wearable devices can we make with current technology with a justifiable cost.

The future of tech will lead us to have seamless interactions; however, we still have lots of gaps to fill till the perfect day. I see the gap as my opportunity. My goal is to make well-designed products that bring the existing technology together.


More experiments coming soon!