Tech's Cradle

My Role: Concept | Programming (Processing) | Design | Installation

Tech's Cradle visualizes the invisible space between two hands. Once you play with it, you will notice immediately it's very much like Cat's Cradle.  Once you place your hand in front of the installation, it reads all of the finger tips and makes lines between left and right hand based on delaunay calculation. I used Pepper's Ghost to really capture the 3D space. Leap Motion was perfect for my concept as it was the best tool to capture finger points seamlessly. People loved looking into the space I made. They felt it was intimate and loved playing with lines they create. 

There were a lot of people asking about Leap Motion resources. Leap is really easy once you install and get the processing sample to work with the library.


Here are two sites I found really useful!

Download library here:

Rober Hodgin is the man. I got his amazing visual effect code here: