Flap Chat: An Interactive Video Camera

My Role: Concept, Visual design 

My partner Gal and I made this project for our computer vision assignment in Appropriating Tech class.

Our prompt was to create a filter or adapter using computer vision that improves your interaction with one another. We made an on-line web communication adapter to change the way we interact on web camera.

Boing Boing Birdie is an on-line interactive game space where your web camera becomes a bird. You can flock your arms to fly around the space.

Here is a direct link to play this game: 

Boeing Boeing Birdie is a new way of peer to peer web camera interaction. By moving your arms up and down like flocking bird wings, you can move your web video container to fly around the browser. Two birds can explore the scenery, sit or hide behind objects in the scene. 

Boeing Boeing Birdie is a simple yet entertaining game. It brings smiles to people and allows them be silly. Did we mention that it is also a great exercise?

Videos below are our play testing documentation.