*This is an ongoing project. We are still revising the idea to tell a clear story.

My Role :  Concept | Wireframes | UX | UI design

DiscoverED is a group work of Sergio, Yuliya, Christina and I. We built this social search tool to target complex, multi-faceted questions/problems in a constrained time limit.

It's hard to look for quality answers online when you are unfamiliar with a topic. In our latest consumer testing, we asked people to search on-line and give us answers on "how to start a food truck business in San Francisco". The focus points of individual's search were different. Some went on to search for trucks and others dug deep into legal issues. By sharing what they learned, people were able to know about what they have not thought of.  


discoverED userflow

We are in round two for our design phase as we found that simply news feed grid system was a lot easier to consume than our first prototype. We are also incorporating extension tool for an effective path tracking.

Here is DiscoverED initial user interface mockup: 

This was designed to emphasize on the bird's-eye view and linking different paths as a map.

When you search for things on-line, the only way to track where you went is a long, browser history list. We want to help you to see the bird's eye view of your learning path on-line.

DiscoverED is a set of digital tools that allows independent learners and educators to build and traverse knowledge paths by linking the most helpful online resources in an interactive, intuitive, and easy to use, visual interface that mimics neural networks.

Check out our prototype page: DiscoverED About Page

Main Goal of the Site:

Provide users a better and deeper teaching and learning experience, by visualizing one's own learning path, allowing them to discover new related knowledge.

Here is our user research video:

Sergio, Yuliya, Andy and I naturally became a team by discussing the current online education system after our hacking higher education class. Starting from week 3, we met every week to advance our concept. Here are few images of how the sketches advanced from having categories to building a map.