Design a wallet for a friend

An ideal wallet that I would like to have: Money well organized. side pocket where you can just dump receipts.

My NEW Mission: Design something useful and meaningful for your partner. start by gaining empathy.

From an interview with Ken, he wanted a thin wallet that he can put inside his pocket. His current wallet gets bulky easily so he wishes to keep it thin. He usually keeps credit card, metro card and some cash. He wishes there was some space for coins. Also, a special place his keys only if he can keep it slim. 

Digging deeper, we did a second round of interview to know his life style better.

He is used to using cash more than credit card in China where he grew up. However, here in New York, he keeps it to $20-40 but never more. He never lost a wallet before but he worries if he might loose it at some point. His pattern of keeping his wallet tidy is to create a mess first and cleaning it up regularly.


Goals and wishes for Ken:

He wants to keep his wallet tidy and slim. He still wants a lot of function in his wallet so it can be his all-in-one object.


Maybe having a wallet that is slightly bigger than his current one might work for him. Strong material that can keep all of his money, cards, coins and keys compact and in order is needed.

Take a stand with a poin-of-view:

Key needs a way to keey his wallet clean because he likes orderly, clean lifestyle although it's easy for him to get messy.

Ideate: Generate alternatives to test

  • A wallet that can shrink to a super compact mode
  • More organized and clean structure
  • Find a different folding method to put his keys and different shape of things.
  • Make a secret pocket where he can put his international "lucky" coin.

Feedback I got from Ken:

He is excited about pockets in his wallet! Strong wallet is needed.

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