Mad Pattern

Before jumping onto Processing, I explored different patterning with Illustrator Mad Pattern.

Mad Pattern is a plug-in that lets you to make different textile patterns. I had so much fun playing with different compositions.


You Make Me. Shirt

How cool would it be if your shirt shows live track of your interactivity through out the day? Xuedi and I came up with an idea that is currently unreachable with the technology we are aware of but still fun. This shirt generates patterns when you interact with people. All the patterns will be unique for each person and interaction you have. If you hang out with your best friend all day, the shirt will grow a pattern that is identified by best friend. If you hang out with your boyfriend more than your friend, his pattern might dominate the shirt more that the best friend's pattern. Want a clean canvas to start over? Simply put it in a washer and have it washed for 20 minutes.

We are trying to think outside of the box and to see if we can start from the unreachable to connect the reachable.


 In computation and fashion class, we all brought an article of clothing that you don't mind destroying. I brought my flannel shirts that I never wear (it has a weird ruffles on sleeves and neck). Here is how it looks dissected!

Will post a follow up of what happens next to these fabrics.

Designing & Deconstructing a Shirt

Designing & Deconstructing a Shirt

Katamari Explosion

I love playing Katamari, Japanese video game. They have the best characters and the most ridiculous story lines. Inspired by their comical world, I wanted to make absurd things happen by playing with oscillation and canon simulation. Here is the beginning of my Katamari world.

Generative pattern exploration: Triangles

I am all about exploring generative patterns. This exercise is the beginning of my exploration. Random triangle patterns are created by PVector and random function in Processing. This is not exactly what I had in mind.. I wanted to have more orderly generated patterns. Next step would be studying fractals. Here is an inspiring link to fractal patterns in nature.


The Imaginarium

Susan, Vitor and I created interactive fortune telling box, Imaginarium. An origami crane has muscle wires built inside it's wings.