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Objective: Creatively misuse an existing API in order to reveal something about the service.

The API I chose to work with is CitiBike. Currently, CitiBike is sharing their stations, helmet store locations and branches. I wanted to get an API of individual bikes but they are not sharing that one yet.  

New York City's new bike share Citi Bikes are docked when not in use. Goldstein, whose self-deprecating moniker is "Fat Jew," started out only wanting to make a statement on how ridiculously expensive he says the city's spin classes have become; SoulCycle, for example, charges about $34 per class in NYC. He tweeted, "I'm seriously teaching SoulCycle classes for homeless people in NYC. I'm extremely fat but my core is strong." 

I agree with Goldstein, it's ridiculous how overpriced spinning classes are in New York City. Using stationed CitiBikes is a perfect way to get some free exercise.

Yes, it is embarrassing to do this on a popular docking station. We need to find a station that has a lot of bikes with less traffic. By going through their API, I can find a station that has maximum number of stationed bikes. Once I know the location, I can point it on Google Maps and "@citi_cycle" will tweet regularly informing about open slots for the next spinning class.



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