Visualizing hand interaction through delaunay patterns

What is it?

It's a interactive screen that makes delaunay patterns with your movement. You can save the frame at any point of time to make it into a 3-D product.

Why am I making it / who is it for?

Creating/visualizing invisible spaces between individuals more tangible and physical. 

Visual demonstration of what I imagine it to be 

I imagine it to be a Processing app that is projected on a big screen. Physical 3-D object will be produced later on with selected saved frames from the projection.

Questions I am struggling with (conceptual or technical).

Technically, the part where making a kinect sensor to capture two people is not working quite smoothly. I hope to create patterns that are visually clear with accurate points.

Conceptually, I am not quite sure if this idea is enticing. I might need to have more user testing to see if this is a valuable idea.