We want Steve Jobs back

Apple has been struggling after Steve Jobs passed away. People are not giving them the same credibility as Steve Job's era. Makes me wonder; If Steve Jobs was still around, would we be more convinced about their newly released products? If "Tim Cook" gets replaced as "Steve Jobs" in every 2013 Apple related article, how would this transform our perception of Apple?

I started testing this idea by making a simple Google Chrome extension that replaces every "Tim Cook" to "Steve Jobs". Once you see the change in names, it gave a different frame of mind

Then I tried to replace Tim Cooks portraits to Steve Jobs (see below).

Would you think of current Apple products otherwise if Steve Jobs was vouching for them?


FastCo article about Tim Cooks in October 2013


Here are more screenshots of 2013 Apple related articles using my extension

Reincarnation of Tupac at Coachella festival 2012 was my inspiration.

2pac hologram

2pac hologram

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